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Crawford Aerial Imagery

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We have been using Neil at CAI for a few projects now and recommend him highly.  He understands the world of farming and is excellent with people.  If you are looking to have some photography done or you may be looking for the services of a Commercial Drone Pilot then please get in touch with Neil at CAI.  

Aerial Imaging is the collective term for photography and/or video activities by use of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) or as the media refer to them – Drones. It is the most cost effective way to obtain a unique, elevated perspective to solve your business requirements.

Ask yourself, ‘How can I differentiate myself from my competitors?’ ‘How can I present my product or service to my target audience from a fresh perspective?’
Aerial Imaging is the answer.

How do you we capture the footage?
We can capture the most spectacular aerial footage using a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) or more commonly known as a drone.

So whats new about Aerial Imaging?
Well, to get to the point, its incredibly cost efficient, the quality of footage is amazing (up to 4K resolution) and the whole process has a speedy turnaround time. Your return on investment is excellent as drone videos will leave your audience with a buzz of excitement that will have them talking about your videos!

For further information please contact Neil on:
Email:  enquiries.cai@gmail.com
Mobile:  07411282996